An Interview with Jeff Tingley

Vice President of Business Development for the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

How has the offshore wind industry impacted RI from an economic development viewpoint?
The offshore wind industry has been significant to the Rhode Island economy. It began with the construction of the Block Island Wind Farm – the first offshore wind farm in the country – and is continuing to rapidly to meet the demand of larger projects under development up and down the east coast. Much of the expertise for offshore wind comes from Europe, and we are seeing increased investment in Rhode Island from not only major developers such as Orsted, but European supply chain partners in all phases of the offshore wind lifecycle. These European companies are working closely with Rhode Island companies to create an ecosystem where the state can not only provide the physical assets needed, but the workforce to support growth. These companies are hiring locally and growing significantly.

Other Rhode Island companies are also seeing increased commercial activity, as the planned offshore wind farms utilize products and expertise needed for the design, construction and support for these significant projects. With local companies being asked to support the offshore wind farms, we are investing in training and construction to support and grow the economy. In short, economic development is taking place in new companies setting up operations in Rhode Island, and local companies expanding their products and services to support the industry.

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