UK Joins Horizon Europe Benefitting the Whole European Ocean Energy Sector

UK’s participation in Horizon Europe will benefit the whole European ocean energy sector.

An announcement that the UK is to join the EU’s flagship Horizon Europe program is excellent news for Europe’s ocean energy sector.

OceanEnergyEuropeParticipation in the world's largest transnational research & innovation program, with its emphasis on cross-border collaboration, will get more ocean energy projects in the water and help Europe keep its competitive edge.

Horizon Europe and its predecessors, Horizon 2020 and FP7, have played a key role in driving forward the development of ocean energy to date. Since 2007, support totaling over €400 million has been allocated to ocean energy projects from these programs.

Europe is the world leader in ocean energy, and the UK is one of its pioneer countries, home to some of its most exciting projects, biggest resources and world-leading test sites. While robust research funding will be welcomed by all, the opportunity for experts to work together is equally valuable when it comes to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

Ocean Energy Europe’s CEO, Rémi Gruet, commented:

“This long-awaited announcement signals a desire at the highest political level to keep the whole of Europe competitive on the global stage. Despite Brexit, companies and researchers have always been committed to working together to advance ocean energy technologies. Collaborating via Horizon Europe will not only make that easier, it will also help Europe to remain the frontrunner in ocean energy worldwide.”

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