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IMCA Publishes Marine Explosive Ordnance Operations Logbook

The International Marine Contractors Association has published a ‘Marine Explosive Ordnance (MEO) Operations Logbook’ (Logbook 018) for use by all MEO operatives, including divers, diving supervisors, MEO supervisors and other personnel who wish to record their involvement in MEO subsea activities. 

The logbook is designed to be used by MEO operatives to log, in detail, the exact work they carry out, such as survey, identification, and disposal activities. Instructions on how to use the logbook are set out in explanatory notes. There are separate sections for recording details of examinations and certifications held; training courses attended; and individual MEO field activities completed. The logbook also contains an area for the MEO operative’s own notes and a section where the operative’s MEO experience is presented in summary. The MEO logbook must be used in addition to the IMCA Professional Diver’s Logbook or another relevant logbook and is not an alternative. 

As IMCA’s Diving Manager, Bryan McGlinchy explained:

“A record of MEO experience is required by various regulatory bodies and certification schemes for MEO personnel, and this logbook may be used as evidence for the validation of experience and the renewal of certificates. 

“Clearly the role played by the specialists involved in MEO subsea work is safety critical and means of assurance that MEO operatives are qualified and competent to perform their duties are essential. Appropriate use of the IMCA MEO Operations Logbook should help ensure that MEO subsea operations are carried out in a commercially efficient, safe and environmentally acceptable manner by competent personnel.” 

Marine explosive ordnance is not an area where IMCA has traditionally been involved. However, the creation and publication of an MEO operations logbook was seen by IMCA’s Diving Division Management Committee as a logical step to help ensure safety and efficiency in this specialist sphere, especially given the increased requirement for MEO identification and disposal activities caused by the rapid expansion of the offshore wind industry. IMCA publishes a full suite of logbooks which can only be purchased here. The MEO Operations Logbook can be ordered online.

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