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16ActeonFLSSubsea services company Acteon has launched a new service offering to directly address the demands and changing conditions of the global oil and gas industry.

Acteon Field Life Service (FLS) offers a “joined-up” approach to the capex and opex challenges presently being experienced by the industry. By bringing together the specialist skills and technologies of Acteon’s individual branded service companies, Acteon FLS will provide a broader and more flexible capability to address multi-faceted projects and customer-specific demands.

“Our industry, like many others that have already been transformed, requires radical change with the adoption of new operational and commercial models. There is a clear need for standardisation and repeatability driven by “fit for purpose” specification, skilled resource sharing, informed condition maintenance management and efficient asset utilisation. Acteon FLS is a step down this road,” said Acteon FLS President Paul Alcock.

With a dedicated and highly experienced team, Acteon FLS will be agile and work either to the individual needs of a project or to longer-term partnership arrangements with a client.

“Combining the individual strengths and “deep domain” knowledge of our businesses, Acteon FLS can focus on a client’s desired performance outcome, demonstrating the value a co-ordinated independent subsea service company can bring,” said Alcock.

2AkerSolutionsmmoAker Solutions' maintenance, modifications and operations (MMO) business in Norway secured two contracts for work at North Sea fields operated by ConocoPhillips.

The company received a framework agreement for a fixed period of five years to become ConocoPhillips' main supplier of maintenance and modifications work offshore Norway. The agreement may be extended by up to three years and covers work on all installations at the Ekofisk and Eldfisk fields offshore Norway, starting in February.

The contract value depends on how much maintenance and modifications work is undertaken over the next five years and could range between NOK 1 billion and NOK 3 billion in that period. The range neither represents a minimum nor a maximum amount but serves to illustrate a realistic, yet uncertain range.

Aker Solutions was also one of three companies awarded a contract to compete for work on large, complex modifications projects at these fields. This contract has the same fixed period and option as the framework agreement.

"We're very pleased to secure these two major agreements with ConocoPhillips, which build on the strengths of our operations in Norway and our expertise in complex modifications," said Luis Araujo, chief executive officer of Aker Solutions.

Work on both contracts will be managed and executed by Aker Solutions' MMO unit in Stavanger and fabrication yard in Egersund. The agreements will also provide work for offshore employees.

"The Ekofisk and Eldfisk installations comprise one of the largest maintenance and modifications portfolios offshore Norway and these contracts will help secure jobs in key parts of our Norwegian MMO business," said Per Harald Kongelf, head of Aker Solutions' Norwegian operations.

Tim Wigham, Head of Performance Improvement at Exceed, a well management and performance improvement specialist, shares why - despite the downturn - investing in your people, processes and performance will yield significant long term savings.

With the industry in a constant state of change, now is the time to invest in ways to optimize operational efficiency. The pressure on management is immense, demand for cost reductions is increasing, and the key challenge facing operators is having to ‘do more with less’.

Added to this burden is the requirement for operators to apply solutions which enhance safety, increase reliability and uptime and reduce well construction times and costs. Implementing a proven systematic approach to planning and learning is no longer a ‘nice to have’; it’s an essential component in helping the industry to maximise efficiency and become more resilient.

Having worked with operators internationally as well as in the North Sea, Exceed has repeatedly evidenced that their proven performance improvement methodology achieves these efficiency aims, whilst typically delivering a return on investment in excess of 10:1. That’s a significant $10million saved for every $1million invested.

With clearly quantifiable benefits, now of all times is when investment should be made, into a solution that is guaranteed to deliver a return that significantly exceeds the initial investment.

Investing to Guarantee Results

Performance improvement is not about reinventing the wheel or introducing new technology. We simply help operators achieve more of their potential by getting the most out of their existing systems and processes, working alongside their team inclusive of contractor and service partners.

Exceed’s coaches work side-by-side with the rig leadership team to benchmark performance, identify improvement opportunities and ultimately accelerate the learning curve. The earlier the engagement, the greater the opportunity for early learning, particularly on shorter campaigns where the operator has get it right first time.

Dedicated expertise ensures the rig leadership team can confidently focus their undivided attention on managing operations and logistics, with the assurance that they have the resources in place to track performance, close out lessons learned and drive the optimisation process.

Exceed boasts a ten-year track record. Over that time, the engagement and delivery model has consistently evolved and we now offer a tried and tested approach, with evidence that it works.

From engineering through to operations personnel and service partners, people are integral to the solution. A key focus for the Exceed coach is to promote a rig culture where the whole team have a common mission, are truly engaged in the campaign objectives and have a mindset that is focused on what is possible, front line planning and learning. In our experience, typically, this focus on the human factor will bring about a minimum 10% increase in productive time.

A recent example of the success of our approach was during a two-well project we completed earlier this year with an oil and gas supermajor in Southeast Asia.

Case study

From April to October 2015, Exceed was contracted by the operator for a two-well campaign in Southeast Asia, to help alleviate planning and streamline processes for improved rig efficiency. The short project duration meant the Exceed team needed to make an immediate impact – effectively hitting the deck ready to go.

Readiness to Execute – improvement from the kick-off

Straight away, Exceed relieved some of the workload through the integration of offset analysis, risk management, HSE bridging documentation, drilling program and logistics plans and the transfer of plans to the rig team. Thereafter, they worked to engage the rig team and service partners during the Drill Well on Paper (DWOP) phase, sharing past experiences, incidents, successes and failures and considering potential risks to the project, both positive and negative.

The Exceed team placed a strong focus on what contributed to inefficiency and how time and cost savings could be made. Offshore they facilitated advance planning meetings focused on planning the work ahead, editing work instructions and ensuring offline preparation tasks were completed ahead of the critical path.

Weekly conference calls from the rig to the onshore team provided a forum to discuss and close lessons learned. Most importantly, solutions were applied to the correct governing documents to benefit future operations.

9Exceed TENAGA rig crew gathered on the Helideck1TENAGA rig crew gathered on the helideck

Engaging at the Coal Face

The key to getting the most out of people is to genuinely invest in them. This project included a diverse workforce from Japan, Malaysia and Europe, so Exceed developed a team identity that transcended all cultures and supported a legacy that will live on long after the job was complete – with a unifying team brand helping to instil pride and belonging.

The brand for this project was ‘TENAGA.’ A regional word for dragon, a protector of the sea, this clearly embodied team spirit and a culture of safety – both vital for the project. With many challenges and significant learnings, the TENAGA team used each obstacle as a launch pad for tighter teamwork, better communication and continuous improvement, with a true sense of pride and satisfaction at a “job well done” when the project was completed.

Lessons Learned and Working Smarter

A safe and productive work place relies on inspiring leadership, strong teamwork, committed crew and good morale – all of which were achieved on this project.

Going back to basics with the rig teams helped them embrace new ways of working, and resulted in impressive savings. As it was a two well project, we were able to learn from issues that arose on the initial well and immediately implement and apply key improvements.

Research consistently proves that visual learning is the most effective means of transferring and retaining information. First to introduce videos as part of our performance improvement process, Exceed coaches are experts at filming, editing and producing rig activity and safety videos.

The resulting videos are used as planning and learning tools, integrated with the relevant work instructions and accessed via iVISION — our online knowledge management platform designed to enhance safety, accelerate learning, encourage transfer of best practice and promote standardisation.

With zero recordable incidents throughout the project, 350 lessons were captured, closed out and implemented, with a further 170 WorkSmart ideas submitted. This led to the project coming in safely on time and under budget whilst the TENAGA team spirit improved throughout the campaign.

By dedicating a committed resource and developing a continuous improvement model from DWOP through to final review, sizable cost savings were achieved on the two-well project. Overall, the project team realised savings in excess of $15million on the two-well campaign.

Consistent consideration for continuous improvement

In the current climate where operational efficiency is key, performance coaching should no longer be considered an optional luxury. Combatting inefficiency and waste is a responsibility. It is an essential part of rig operations which demonstrably instils an improved safety culture and increased productive time, and has proven to pay for itself many times over.

About the author

Tim Wigham joined Exceed in 2007, bringing with him a wealth of management experience and a strong track record in operational leadership, performance coaching, and facilitation. His early career includes nine years as an officer in the British Royal Marines where he developed a strong strategic mind-set and proven project management and conflict resolution skills. Having completed a full-time MBA in 2001, he went on to co-own a Leadership and Teambuilding consultancy in South Africa. Tim is highly skilled at coaching leaders at various levels. Tim has unwavering commitment to delivering excellence while maintaining strong, lasting working relationships with colleagues and clients.

AlMansoori Specialized Engineering, the leader in oilfield services in the Middle East, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Ahmed Aboulfotouh as a General Manager for AlMansoori Production Services.

Bringing more than 29 years of rich experience in the Oil & Gas industry, Mr. Aboulfotouh has served in several senior management and leadership roles in numerous international organizations in Egypt, Pakistan, UAE and Libya. Before joining AlMansoori, he has worked as the Testing & Production Services Regional Manager, Middle East and North Africa at Weatherford. Mr. Aboulfotouh holds a mechanical engineering degree from Alexandria University in Egypt.

18Almansoori Ahmed FotouhMr. Aboulfotouh has accomplished business results and shown expertise in achieving operational efficiency, attaining strategic growth and delivering profitable projects.

In his new role at AlMansoori, Mr Aboulfotouh will be responsible for managing performance (Financial, HS&E and Operational) and setting strategies for business development and growth of services, achieving AlMansoori’s diverse customers’ satisfaction and ultimately its main goals and targets.

Ibrahim Al Alawi, Deputy CEO, AlMansoori, said: “Ahmed Aboulfotouh’s breadth of experience in the oil and gas industry, and specifically within the MENA region, will be very valuable to the company. The current challenging market will provide a fantastic opportunity for him to utilize his leadership and strategic planning skills and we look forward to seeing the results of his work.”

Ahmed commented: “AlMansoori is well known for its emphasis on providing quality services and solutions to its customers, and it is an honor to join such a well established and respected company. I have a proven record of providing exceptional financial results and business development and I look forward to use those skills to further enhance the broad range of services that AlMansoori currently offers.”

19BP LogoBP has announced the appointment of Lamar McKay to the new position of Deputy Group Chief Executive. McKay, currently chief executive of BP’s Upstream segment and a 35-year veteran of BP, will be based in London and take up the role following a suitable handover period.

McKay will be succeeded as Upstream chief executive by Bernard Looney, currently chief operating officer, production, in the Upstream segment.

In addition to assuming some duties currently borne by BP’s Group Chief Executive, McKay’s responsibilities will include strategy and long-term planning, safety and operational risk, technology, and corporate governance – including ethics and compliance. BP America will continue to report to him.

These appointments headline a reorganization of BP’s executive team that includes other adjustments which will follow the retirement of Katrina Landis, executive vice president of corporate business activities, who leaves the company on May 1 following a career of 24 years with BP.

Commenting on the changes, BP’s Group Chief Executive, Bob Dudley said: “These changes simplify, focus and better align accountabilities within our experienced and versatile senior team. In particular Lamar’s new role will allow us to further concentrate our attention on BP’s highest priorities through this challenging time for our whole industry.

“I welcome Lamar and Bernard to their important new roles and look forward to working even more closely with them in future. And I would like to thank Katrina for her leadership and the success she delivered throughout all the senior roles she has held at BP.”

Landis will not be replaced on the executive team and her current role’s responsibilities will be assigned to other members of the team.

3Flangeless Subsea Launche STATS GroupPipeline technology company, STATS Group, have developed a Flangeless Subsea Launcher (FSL) which offers greater flexibility and can be positioned at any given position in depths of up to 2,220 meters.

Currently, temporary subsea launchers are designed for flanged pipe connection to allow maintenance pigs and isolation plugs to be deployed and recovered for pipeline maintenance or repair operations, however, flanged connections limit the location of where a subsea launcher can be attached.

The STATS designed flangeless solution, which was this week launched at the Subsea Expo exhibition in Aberdeen (3-5 February), can be efficiently lowered to the seabed and introduced to an open pipe end without the need for hyperbaric welding.

STATS Group director of EPRS and subsea services, Dale Millward, said: “Demand for this technology is growing and we have seen global enquiry levels increase in recent months. We are currently designing and manufacturing an ROV compatible launcher as part of an intervention and repair project on a damaged subsea pipeline for a major operator in the South China Sea.

“Our client centered approach and extensive engineering capabilities allows us to develop cost-effective solutions to meet their exact requirements and overcome their pipeline integrity issues.”

Once the ROV operated launcher is lowered to the seabed at location and introduced to the open pipe end, a manipulator clamp mounted at the front of the launcher is positioned and secured onto the pipe, and retracted towards the launcher pulling the launcher centrally on to the open end of pipe until fully installed.

The launcher housing incorporates the lock and seal module which when actuated provides a secure connection to, and seal against, the outside diameter of the pipe using STATS proven lock and seal technology. Once actuated, the locks prevent movement of the pipe during pigging operations and the seal provides a leak tight barrier.

The Aberdeenshire-based company have recently supplied a Flangeless Subsea Launcher with a total of six 32” Remote Tecno Plug™ isolation tools for a project in the Black Sea.

This equipment will enable pipeline flood prevention and wet buckle recovery solutions during pipe laying operations, providing contingency equipment to isolate the pipeline in the event of a wet buckle.

Once the Remote Tecno Plug™ is deployed into the pipeline the FSL can be removed from the pipeline and recovered to the surface. STATS can then provide a Pipeline Retrieval Tool (PRT) which grips and seals on the internal diameter of the pipe and provides a recovery method to pull the pipeline to the surface.

Prior to recovery, nitrogen is pumped through the PRT to pig the Remote Tecno Plug™ to the desired set location, which also serves to dewater the pipeline making it lighter and easier to recover to the surface. Once the Remote Tecno Plug™ is set and the double block and bleed isolation is confirmed, the pipeline can be safely recovered to the vessel to allow the continuation of pipe laying operations. The Remote Tecno Plug™ will remain in position until laying activities have been completed and recovered to the closest onshore or subsea temporary head.

SUB-JET™ ROV-Attachable Waterjet System Cuts Steel Up to 250 mm Thick, Blasts Away Coatings and Corrosion at 3900 Bar

11Sub Jet ROV deployable Waterjet System1Chukar Waterjet, Inc. will unveil its new SUB-JET 3000™ ROV-attachable waterjet system at the OTC Offshore Technology Conference, May 2-5 in Houston. Look for Chukar in outdoor booth 546.

Chukar’s SUB-JET 3000 brings the power and versatility of ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet cutting and blasting to the deepwater subsea environment. Operable to 3000 meters, SUB-JET 3000 cuts steel as thick as 250 mm and quickly blasts away coatings, corrosion and marine growth at pressures up to 3900 bar. The SUB-JET 3000 is deployed as an underslung equipment skid on a work class ROV and is powered from the ROV’s auxiliary power.

The 100hp SUB-JET 3000 produces 7.5 liters per minute of 3900 bar ultra-high pressure water for cutting and blasting. It carries 35 liters of abrasive, providing 30 to 90 minutes of cutting time. The ROV provides hydraulic oil to power the waterjet intensifiers and operate attached tooling, 24 Vdc (300 watts) for control power, and a fiber optic data link to the topside controller. The system requires between 150 and 200 liters per minute of hydraulic oil to run at full capacity but can be operated at lower output if the auxiliary oil is not available from any given ROV. Cutting and coating removal are still effective at lower UHP output, only at slower throughput rates. The system weighs about 500 kg on the deck and is neutrally buoyant with 35 liters of abrasive.

In addition to the SUB-JET 3000, Chukar also will exhibit its C-JET 3000 standalone subsea waterjet system. The C-JET 3000 has the same cutting and blasting capabilities as the SUB-JET but is deployed independent of the ROV and is equipped with its own 150hp SHPU, freeing the ROV for other functions. The versatile C-JET can be operated by a diver or ROV. Operable to depths up to 3000 meters (10,000 feet), the C-JET 3000 cuts steel up to 250 mm thick and blasts away coatings, corrosion and marine growth at pressures up to 3900 bar. Like the SUB-JET, the C-JET produces 7.5 liters per minute of 3900 bar ultra-high pressure water for cutting and blasting. It carries 35 liters of abrasive, providing 30 to 90 minutes of cutting time.

19JFD Valerio PercocoJFD, one of the world’s leading subsea operations and engineering companies, has announced the appointment of Valerio Percoco as Sales Director. The appointment follows the company’s significant growth over the past 12 months, which included a significant contract win with NATO, as well as the merger of James Fisher Defence, Divex and the National Hyperbaric Centre to create the world’s largest provider of subsea operations and engineering solutions, equipment and services for defence and commercial markets.

Valerio Percoco joins JFD from Offshore Installation Services (OIS), the leading subsea integrated project management service provider. Through a series of leadership and project management positions, including several roles in the offshore industry, he has successfully steered a number of major projects and achieved substantial business growth and expansion. He brings a wealth of experience and skills to his new role in driving ambitious growth targets through to fruition as JFD continues with further development and expansion in both new and existing markets.

JFD also recently announced the expansion of its UK footprint in support of its continued growth, with the opening of new offices in Glasgow and Bristol. The company operates from a strong global presence across all markets including Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, ensuring that it is able to respond quickly to customer demands anywhere in the world.

20Caroline McGovern UTEC1UTEC Survey, an Acteon company, has announced the appointment of Caroline McGovern as its new Head of Finance.

Before joining UTEC, Caroline was the CFO for MOL Energy UK where she was a founding director of the business which grew to comprise ownership of 20 North Sea exploration and production licenses. Prior to that, Caroline was Finance Manager for EnQuest PLC, where she spent four years leading and supporting the finance function through their initial IPO listing on the UK stock market, and the company’s subsequent asset consolidation and growth period.

Brendan Ryan, UTEC Chief Operating Officer, states: “I look forward to the contribution Caroline’s experience and expertise will bring to our team. She will play an integral role in the leadership team as we navigate a challenging market environment while also advancing UTEC’s growth agenda.”

Caroline is a Chartered Accountant with the Scottish Institute (ICAS) and holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Management Studies and a Diploma in Marketing.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Caroline leads UTEC’s global finance and compliance efforts, and participates in a number of other strategic projects.

4Subsea7logoSubsea 7 S.A. (Oslo Børs: SUBC, ADR: SUBCY) announces the award of a sizeable(1) three-year frame agreement, with four one-year options, for six North Sea clients: Chevron North Sea Limited, Dana Petroleum (E&P) Limited, Hess Denmark APS, Nexen Petroleum U.K. Limited, Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited and TAQA Bratani Limited.

Under this frame agreement, Subsea 7 will continue to provide Diving Support Vessel (DSV) services on a year-round basis, as well as associated project management and engineering services to over 40 facilities in the North Sea. This award follows on from the original frame agreement awarded in 2009. One of the key advantages of this collaborative approach is that it allows all operators to benefit from lower costs realized through the sharing of resources.

The scope of work includes diver and ROV inspection, repair and maintenance, subsea construction and decommissioning services, and dedicated long-term project support. Project management and engineering work will be managed from Subsea 7's Aberdeen office.

Phil Simons, Vice President UK and Canada, said: "We are pleased to announce the signing of this important long-term agreement. The continuing relationships we have with each of our DSVi(2) clients is testimony of the shared objectives maintained since the original award, and its success in generating increased value opportunities. It represents our focused commitment to providing the right and cost-effective engineering solutions."

(1) Contract term: Subsea 7 defines a sizeable contract as being between USD 50 million and USD 150 million. Frame agreement estimated values are not included in backlog or revenue until call-off contracts are signed.

(2) DSVi: Diving Support Vessel initiative

16Aqueos 2015Aqueos Corporation, a ‘World Class Subsea Service Provider℠’,announced it has achieved a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.00, the lowest possible, for 2015.

With 610,372 man hours worked in 2015, Aqueos continues to maintain its perpetual goals of Zero Incidents Performance and continuous improvement. These goals include keeping our personnel injury free, as well as maintaining responsible stewardship of the environment by controlling air pollution, eliminating spills, and proper waste management.

“This is a testimony to the hard work and commitment to our HSEQ processes from all parties, including our Senior Management, HSEQ Staff, Administrative Staff, and most importantly, our Offshore Supervisors, Diving and Marine Crews,” comments Aqueos President and CEO, Ted Roche.

Roche further commented, “We truly believe that all accidents are preventable. Even in these difficult market conditions, the team at Aqueos continues to focus on continuous improvement, communication, and remaining focused on our core value of safety.”

Aqueos Corporation, with offices in Broussard, LA and Ventura, CA, provides marine construction and specialty subsea services, including a complete range of commercial diving, remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) and vessel-related services primarily to the offshore oil and gas markets.

20HawboldtHawboldt Industries announces that David Marchetti has joined the company in a senior sales role. Marchetti brings to Hawboldt over 27 years of experience in operations, manufacturing, engineering, project management, and aftermarket / customer service, including extensive experience with ROV systems, and subsea oil and gas operations. Marchetti has held various positions with companies such as Schilling Robotics, GE Vetco Gray, and FMC Technologies, and most recently held the position of VP of Operations - Subsea at Forum Energy Technologies.

“We are very excited to have David join our growing team.” says Paul Phillips, General Sales Manager. “David’s extensive knowledge of the ROV industry, coupled with his strong customer focus and operations background will help strengthen our product and service offering in the industry.”

David will be based in Houston and will be leading the sales and service efforts for the Launch and Recovery product lines globally for Hawboldt.

21ZuptlogoZupt, LLC announces and welcome Simonette Lentze-Muller as the V.P. of Offshore Operations.

Within this role Simonette will be responsible for the oversight of all of Zupt’s offshore operations including data integrity, operational management and personnel oversight.

“Bringing a wealth of marine construction survey experience, as well as a very focused analytical mind, Simonette will be a major asset for Zupt. As our international operations have grown over the past several years, the need for dynamic management in this area became obvious. We welcome Simonette and her family back to the Houston area” said Keith Vickery, President of Zupt, LLC. “Simonette’s approach to every aspect of her new role including HSE oversight, operational reliability and understanding client’s requirements has confirmed her true level of professionalism and commitment”.

Simonette has a background in mathematics and very strong experience in offshore construction surveys, positioning and underwater acoustics. Simonette joins Zupt from Heerema Marine Contractors. Her expansive knowledge on underwater acoustics reaches further than the Oil and Gas industry as her earlier career focused on developing algorithms for sonar applications for the Dutch Navy at TNO. Simonette was also the author of the paper on ‘Noise mitigation during pile-driving’, which won the 2014 IPLOCA Environmental award sponsored by Shell.

The awarded contracts will effectively ensure the safety of our transportation services. At the same time the contracts reflect a market situation with lower activity offshore, and a continuous need for flexible and cost-efficient solutions.

The contracts are valued at around NOK 1 billion in the 5-year fixed period. In addition the contracts include four yearly options.

“The contract awards will strengthen the competitiveness of the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) through opening up for more efficient flight program that will help reduce costs for the petroleum business. This ensures predictability in relation to long-term activities and adds value on the NCS. We look forward to further develop the cooperation with Bristow Norway, and working closely on the new contracts,” says Astrid Sørensen, Statoil’s senior vice president for joint operations support.

6BristowImage Credit: Bristow Group

By combining the new contracts with the current helicopter portfolio, Statoil will have five permanent personnel transportation helicopters in Bergen and one in Florø from 1 May 2017, and will have flexibility to increase the capacity when needed.

Statoil seeks to cooperate with other operators in Florø on helicopter services.

“Since 2013 we have seen the number of passengers to the Norwegian continental shelf drop by 30 percent. Increased flexibility to adjust to changed demands has therefore been emphasized in the contract strategy,” says Jon Arnt Jacobsen, Statoil’s chief procurement officer.

Statoil’s helicopter activities:
• Statoil uses six helicopter bases for transportation services in Norway: Sola, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansund, Brønnøysund og Hammerfest.

• Statoil has SAR helicopter (search and rescue helicopter) agreements at Sola, Oseberg, Statfjord, Heidrun and Hammerfest.

• Statoil has contracts with two helicopter companies: Bristow Norway and CHC Helikopter Service. These companies will be about the same size when the new contracts with Statoil take effect in May 2017.

• The helicopter types used from 1 May 2017 are S-92 and H225, S-92 mainly for transportation services, and H225 mainly for SAR.

17LQTLQT Industries, LLC, a full-service provider of high quality accommodation facilities, design-build construction services, and support services to the oil and gas industry, provides accommodation packages to four (4) oil and gas production companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

The accommodation packages include LQT’s newly redesigned 12 Man Sleeper and support buildings. LQT’s design provides a larger and more comfortable living area for occupants and is equipped with features to optimize energy efficiency.

“LQT continues to expand its aluminum accommodation fleet to meet demand ,” said Peter Reeves, LQT’s New Construction Manager. “The industry has responded well to our modern building design as it supplies our customers with a lightweight, versatile, and low maintenance solution.”

4C Innovation KM HUGIN C IC-Innovation (C-I), a member of the Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) group of companies and an integrated marine services company specializing in advanced subsea solutions has signed an agreement with Kongsberg Maritime to acquire four new Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). The order adds significant AUV capabilities to C-I’s already established Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) fleet.

C-I offers comprehensive subsea field development services, including front-end engineering, design and installation serving a global customer base. Its advanced ROV capabilities provide a broad spectrum of support to subsea construction projects, as well as drilling, intervention, maintenance and heavy lift assignments.

General Manager of C-Innovation LLC, Mr. Richard Bourque commented that this purchase allows C-I to do more advanced and faster surveys in deeper water: “We can now offer HiSAS data from the 4500 meter HUGIN to the offshore industry. All vehicles are portable to some extent but especially the MUNIN vehicles can be mobilized anywhere in a very short time. The combination of our ROVs and AUVs will put C-I in the lead on Inspection maintenance and repair.”

The Kongsberg Maritime AUV delivery includes two HUGIN AUVs and two MUNIN AUVs. The HUGINs are depth rated to 4500 m and equipped with the latest generation of HISAS 1032, Kongsberg Maritime’s Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS). They also carry an EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder, sub-bottom profiler, color still image camera and laser profiler. The MUNIN AUVs are rated to 1500 m and equipped with a Kongsberg Maritime EM 2040M multibeam echo sounder, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and color still image camera.

C-I’s new HUGIN and MUNIN AUVs are specially designed for subsea inspection, mapping and pipeline surveys. They feature the most advanced autonomous pipeline tracking software, developed by Kongsberg Maritime, enabling the AUV to track and follow alongside a pipe using either the SAS or sidescan. The vehicles can also fly directly overhead a pipe tracking it with the EM 2040 to collect high resolution bathymetry, photo imagery and a laser profile of the pipe.

The HUGIN includes swappable batteries and removable data storage. The C-I MUNINs have a fast charge system and data download facility designed to maximize productivity and minimize down-time between dives. They are also supplied with the Kongsberg Maritime Reflection AUV post-mission analysis software.

In-mission supervision including real-time data transmission and position aiding is provided by Kongsberg Maritime’s HiPAP acoustic system. The best position solution available is calculated by NavLab navigation post processing software.

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