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ITC Global Signs Three-Year Contract Extension with Shelf Drilling

ITC Global, a leading provider of satellite communications to remote and harsh environments, announces that it has signed a three-year contract extension with Shelf Drilling, Ltd., for continued service and expanded crew welfare capabilities for its fleet of 39 jack-up drilling rigs in 11 countries.

ITCGlobalLogoShelf Drilling is the world’s largest contractor of jack-up rigs focused on shallow water drilling services. Headquartered in Dubai, Shelf Drilling has rig operations across four major regions – India, MENAM (Middle East, North Africa & Mediterranean), Southeast Asia and West Africa.

“Following the commencement of our communications partnership in August 2014, ITC Global successfully migrated services to Shelf Drilling’s globally dispersed fleet from the incumbent provider over a nine-month period,” said Richard Elson, Vice President, Global Energy Sales and Business Development at ITC Global. “As a result, we were able tominimize downtime and significantly enhance the end-user experience on the rigs. Since this service deployment, we have consistently maintained a high level of service while at the same time providing flexibility in what has been a challenging marketplace.”

solutions crewLive yellowITC Global’s fully managed communications system was custom-designed for Shelf Drilling to support its corporate and crew communications through a Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) private network solution. As an addition to the existing service agreement, crew welfare applications are being incorporated on two sites via ITC Global’s Crew LIVE solution, with the mutual intention to expand these deployments to additional sites in the future. ITC Crew LIVE provides dedicated crew internet and Video-On-Demand capabilities to remote site staff and crew. As part of the contract, ITC Global also provides Shelf Drilling with the option to deliver connectivity services to onboard clients at its sites, as deemed necessary.

“Despite industry volatility in the wake of the oil and gas market downturn, ITC Global has remained steadfast, preserving valuable communications partnerships with industry leaders such as Shelf Drilling,” continued Elson. “It is our pleasure to continue connecting fleets and staff operating across the globe and building upon long-term relationships established, as evidenced by this contract renewal.”

“We elected to continue entrusting ITC Global with our fleet’s communications services due to the positive user experience and high level of service quality we’ve recognized during the previous contract,” said Ian Clydesdale, Director of IT, Shelf Drilling. “Additionally, ITC Global demonstrated flexibility to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution which aligns well with Shelf Drilling’s operational philosophy.”

Introduced to the market nearly three years ago, Crew LIVE now boasts more than 30,000 registered users, with subsequent service updates that have enabled better operational efficiency and an enriched user experience. The solution’s latest Video-On-Demand (VOD) offering provides users with convenient, ‘at-home’ style viewing of popular movies and television series, improving overall crew welfare at remote work sites. For more information, visit Crew.LIVE.

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