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CSA Ocean Sciences Concludes Environmental Assessment Program (EAP) Offshore Suriname

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), an international marine environmental consulting and survey company, announces the conclusion of an Environmental Assessment Program (EAP) for a major offshore energy operator in Block 58, a 5,841 km2 area located approximately 115 km offshore north Suriname.

CSAOceanSciences 3The EAP included an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for a three-dimensional (3D) seismic survey proposed in Block 58.

The technical components of the ESIA campaign were conducted and managed by a team from CSA’s Trinidad office. The ESIA document describes the proposed seismic survey activities, which include possible streamer and/or ocean bottom node (OBN) techniques, relevant legislative and regulatory framework for seismic operations, and the existing baseline marine environment (physical, chemical, and biological conditions).

CSA’s local Trinidad & Tobago personnel coordinated public consultation meetings, social baseline surveys, specialized supportive studies, and workshops to further inform the ESIA. Environmental and social impacts from seismic activities using OBN and/or 3D streamer technology were assessed from a risk-based perspective, prior to and after implementation of mitigation measures to determine acceptability of residual risk. This assessment was conducted in collaboration with consultants and the operator via a Risk Assessment (RA) Workshop led by CSA subject matter experts.

“This ESIA required us to evaluate the potential impacts of a seismic survey campaign, both positive and negative, considering the use of streamer and OBN seismic techniques,” said Ms. Candice Leung Chee, Chief Executive Officer, CSA Trinidad. “Adding further complexity to the ESIA was the need to conduct acoustic modelling to assess the potential noise impacts on various groupings of mammals, before formulating appropriate mitigation measures to safeguard local populations. The ESIA also evaluated findings from a novel turtle density modelling study conducted off the Suriname coast, which further supported an assessment of potential impacts on various groups of sea turtles during and outside the nesting season.”

The ESIA was submitted to the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS) as part of the Environmental Assessment process for the oil and gas sector, adding to CSA’s regional experience delivering high quality ESIAs.

CSA has 52 years’ experience of preparing and conducting ESIAs in the region and around the globe for offshore developers.

About CSA

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. brings more than five decades of experience in marine environmental assessments in the U.S. and internationally, with offices in the United States, the Eastern Mediterranean, Qatar, Trinidad, Suriname, Brazil, and Australia. CSA’s expertise in coastal, marine, and deep ocean surveys is built on the integration of science, operations, and an understanding of environmental data collection, management, and analysis within geospatial domains. For more information on CSA’s range of marine environmental consulting services, please click here.

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