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Swedish Marine Services Company Peab Marine, Acquires Falcon ROV

Peab Marin chose a Saab Seaeye Falcon as a multi-functional resource in support of the company’s marine survey, salvage and civil construction operations.

The Swedish marine services company says the Falcon will secure a safer working environment for its divers and will be an “excellent tool” for surveying.

Importantly for Peab Marin’s wide range of construction and maintenance work the Falcon’s quick and easy deployment with ready systems change and expandable systems options, make it a highly adaptable resource.

2PhotoPeterSteenThe Falcon can make a safety assessment before sending divers down. Photo by Peter Steen

Diver Safety

Diver safety is paramount and in hazardous circumstances the Falcon can be deployed to work underwater endlessly and tirelessly.

Robert Hedin at Peab describes the important role the Falcon will play in diver safety.

“Some work can offer serious risk for a commercial diver, especially Delta-P situations when the differential pressure between two water columns attempts to equalize, creating tremendous pressure/suction.

It’s a hazard that cannot be downplayed, as in some cases it’s just impossible to reduce the suction in case of emergency.

In situations like this, we prefer to send down the Falcon to either completely replace the diver’s work or in order to make a proper safety assessment. It really helps us to create a safer work environment for our commercial divers.

This has been exclusive to the offshore industry for a long time, and we’re really glad to see the same application moving into the civil inshore industry in Sweden.”

3PeabMarinThe Falcon can make a safety assessment before sending divers down. Photo: Peter Steen

Murky Water Working

With Swedish waters notorious for low visibility, typically 0.5m and less, and working in a wide variety of water states from open seas to waterway locks, fitting a Bluetooth multibeam sonar to the Falcon was essential, says Robert Hedin: “It is a must-have for operating an ROV in our underwater environment.”

Pilots’ Friend

With Peab Marin pilots typically working in challenging conditions, their pilots welcome the precise control, agility and stability of the Falcon when faced with complex environments in turbulent waters and strong currents.

The pilots particularly like the vehicle’s user-friendly interface with its advanced array of functions including customisable graphics and diagnostic pages.

The Falcon’s 20 year success - winning top-in-class world status - comes from its future-flexible, ever-evolving technology package that Saab Seaeye has designed around a compact, powerful, highly manoeuvrable, easy to use vehicle, enhanced with iCON™ intelligent control.

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