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13Trelleborgh-Black-DRBM1Brazil remains a development area for the oil and gas industry, so to effectively service its customers in the region, Trelleborg’s offshore operation has invested in two new regional appointments.

Project Manager, Rafael Campos handles local contracts to provide clients with quicker and more efficient support on the ground. Sales Manager, Bruno Matos aims to grow relationships with local customers and associations, as well as support the business by building a knowledge of local market trends.

Richard Beesley, Commercial Director of Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Brazil, comments: “We understand that our presence in Brazil is vital to providing high quality communication, understanding and support for our local customers. Since our customers are hugely important to us, we are investing in training and developing our Brazil-based teams to support the growing needs of the region.”

Trelleborg has secured a contract to supply Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules (DRBM) for drill ships that will operate in Brazil in Q2 2016 and is scheduled for delivery from late 2015 into early 2016 to one of the major leading drilling companies in the world.

Beesley continues: This contract firmly establishes Trelleborg as a leading supplier of Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules for the Brazilian new build market. Through our ongoing focus and investment in ground breaking innovation, technology and skilled personnel, we strive to perform at every level to meet our customer’s needs globally.

This is a continuation of our long-standing commitment to developing innovative products and sophisticated materials designed specifically to exceed market requirements and meet the demands of increasing service depths for the global offshore drilling segment.

” In order to reduce a drilling riser’s net weight in water, and ensure that the structure and drilling vessel are supported, Trelleborg offers tailor made DRBMs which are fitted around the length of the riser pipe, improving the riser’s buoyancy and protecting it from service damage.

20AAL-Brisbane-transporting-oil-and-gas-process-modules-11AAL, one of the world’s leading multipurpose shipping operators, has announced the opening of a new office in Dubai, its third new office launch in the past two months following South Korea and Canada. ‘AAL Middle East’ will place the operator at the centre of an emerging and strategically important region for the project shipping sector, as government and private equity investment across the region brings exciting new infrastructure and energy developments into the fore.

AAL Middle East will offer Arabic and English language capabilities and provide local customers with tramp and project shipping solutions, featuring the highest level of technical expertise and competitiveness for all industry sectors and cargo types. The office will also draw upon AAL’s fleet of seven classes of multi-purpose heavy-lift vessels, ranging from 12,000dwt to 31,000dwt. As well as offering tailor-made solutions, AAL will harness the scalability of its operations and infrastructure, to potentially develop regular semi-liner services based on customer demand.

Commenting on the development, Namir Khanbabi, Managing Director of AAL’s global Tramp & Projects division, said: “The Middle East and Gulf market continues to experience significant capital expenditure and development in its infrastructure. It has also seen investment in construction and now growth in nuclear energy - as well as being a major hub for oil and gas projects. In conjunction with the changing geopolitical landscape, there is a real opportunity to work on-the-ground, to deliver competitive transportation solutions for complex and high value cargo in this important region.”

13ConciliumConsilium opens office in the Norwegian city of Stavanger as part of its focus on fire alarms for the offshore industry. Stavanger is a base for the Norwegian oil industry and proximity to customers therefore make the city a natural choice for Consilium to establish themselves in. The establishment will initially be supported by Consilium's offices in Oslo and Gothenburg. As operations in Stavanger develop, the idea is that it will include sales as well as project management, service and support.

- The offshore industry is an interesting market for Consilium to develop. Despite the temporary downturn in the offshore industry we see that Consiliums solutions, that are flexible and possible to escalate, can create value for the operators. Norway has some of the most stringent requirements in the world within the offshore sector. By establishing ourselves here, we demonstrate that we meet high quality and safety requirements, says Trygve Andersen, Managing Director of Consilium Norway A/S.

Fire alarm according to SIL2 standard

Consilium is one of the world's leading suppliers of fire alarm systems for marine environments. The company has spent several years developing a new fire alarm, CFD 5000, designed specifically for offshore applications, such as oil platforms, refineries and floating support units. The fire alarm is designed to meet high demands for reliability and quality. It is in the final phase of its SIL2 certification and hardware as well as software is developed in close cooperation with the certification body TÜV NORD.

In addition to high reliability and quality the fire alarm is designed to be cost effective in both the deployment and operational phases. This allows Consilium to support the oil industry's efforts to reduce its costs.

When installing our fire alarm, it is possible to use the existing cable installation in the object where the installation will take place, which could mean significant cost reductions. The high quality of our fire alarm system also makes it possible to extend the interval for the mandatory testing of the system that needs to be carried out regularly, which also means cost savings, says Trygve Anderse.

6Fugro-Synergy-Oct2015LRFugro (Mexico) in conjunction with long-time associates, Diavaz, has been awarded an extension of the ongoing offshore geophysical and geotechnical campaign by the Mexican national oil company, PEMEX.

Geotechnical field operations, laboratory testing and Geoconsulting activities will support exploration drilling activities in the Bay of Campeche and deepwater locations in the Perdido area. The value of the contract extension is approximately USD 13 million. The field program is planned to start in October 2015, from the ultra-deepwater geotechnical and well services vessel Fugro Synergy, while the Geoconsulting program will continue through 2016. This contract extension represents a continuation of Fugro’s longstanding and successful relationship working with PEMEX and reinforces Fugro’s market leadership internationally as the preferred service provider for geotechnical, geophysical and geoconsulting services.

Fugro’s geotechnical soil data collection, lab testing and consultancy services are centered around onshore and offshore site investigation. The geotechnical information is used to design foundations for deepwater wells, offshore structures, on and offshore pipelines, ports, large buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. Fugro is the largest global supplier of offshore geotechnical services.

16Ashtead-Chris-Echols2Ashtead Technology, a leading independent provider of subsea equipment rental, sales and services to the offshore industry, has invested over $300,000 in the latest generation of visual inspection tools for deep sea exploration.

The investment will see Ashtead offering a range of SubC Imaging products to meet increasing industry demand for enhanced, cost effective inspection solutions. A world-leader in video technology used to monitor the integrity of subsea assets and infrastructure, SubC Imaging provides state-of-the art cameras with HD video capabilities that can capture and transmit high quality data from extreme water depths.

Chris Echols, Vice President of Ashtead Technology (photo) in Houston said: “Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, stricter subsea inspection regulations were introduced which has led to a need for more reliable, high resolution visual inspection technology. “The SubC range of cameras, in which we have invested, capture a true visual representation of the underwater world from which we can accurately estimate the remaining life of a subsea infrastructure and assess the integrity of the equipment.

“As the subsea industry enters deeper waters, the need for companies to collect more meaningful data increases. By investing in this equipment, we are able to help our customers ensure they can capture a true picture of what is going on and take preventative measures to ensure the integrity of high-cost, high-risk subsea equipment and infrastructure, thereby saving costs and reducing risk.”

The new 1Cam MK5 range is capable of outputting live HD video over coax or fiber and can record HD 1080P video and capture up to 24mp still images to its internal storage. The units are rated up to 6500m and come as standard with integrated reference lasers. For even greater capability, they can be coupled with an external LED light/strobe or line laser.

Engineered to deliver vivid color video footage in real-time while travelling almost any direction, the MK5 range provides high quality footage of the underwater world.

Ashtead has further enhanced its product offering with the SubC DVR/Overlay system which can record multiple 3D, HD and SD video channels simultaneously, add overlays, stream video and audio over a network, and also includes a new event logging feature.

Ron Collier Vice President of Business Development at SubC Imaging said: “With the new MK5 range, SubC continues to raise the bar when it comes to the quality and capability of underwater cameras available to the subsea industry. Ashtead has been integral to the global market success of our products and the continued investment in our products reflects the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the best available subsea technology.”

Through the delivery of enhanced technical support services, Ashtead Technology is committed to delivering a range of value-added services which now include the supply of offshore personnel, equipment sales, complete asset management, calibration, repair and maintenance, custom engineering, cable moulding and training.


One of the largest seagrass mitigation projects undertaken in the U.S. created over 17 acres of seagrass habitat in Biscayne Bay

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) has successfully completed the transplantation of over 115,000 seagrass plants into a newly filled dredge hole north of the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami, Florida as part of the overall environmental mitigation requirements for the deepening and widening of Miami Harbor. CSA was part of the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock LLC (GLDD) team that was awarded the prime contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The “deep dredge” project took two years to complete and is the first federal navigation project in the southeast built to accommodate post-Panamax vessels.

During August and September 2015, CSA staff systematically planted 14.3 acres of the 17-acre mitigation site using donor manatee grass (Syringodium filiforme) harvested from a nearby healthy seagrass community in Biscayne Bay. CSA utilized proven methods developed and published by Dr. Mark Fonseca, a world-renowned marine ecologist and Vice President of Science at CSA. Regular coordination with the GLDD team and federal and state agencies was necessary during the planning and implementation phases due to the location of the mitigation site (situated in a state Aquatic Preserve), the high-profile nature of the project, and low success rates associated with prior large-scale seagrass restoration projects.

Sensitive to desiccation and temperature extremes, seagrass plants were carefully extracted from the sediments of an approved seagrass bed, sorted, and assembled into 29,000 individual bare root “planting units” while ensuring they remained bathed in ambient seawater using a custom-made on-board circulating system. Scientific divers meticulously planted each planting unit by hand to ensure the growing tips of the plant were buried to the appropriate depth below the sediment surface. To provide passive fertilization to the plants through the introduction of coastal bird feces, over 1,150 bird roosting stakes were installed within the planted areas of the mitigation site.

In early October, CSA conducted the first monitoring survey to assess the success of planting and verify that the planting units remained firmly anchored in the sediment. A comprehensive evaluation of the entire planted area and all planting units was conducted and, despite frequent feeding by manatees on the planted seagrass, the percent survival was documented at 97.6%—much higher than the mandated 70% survival. Dr. Fonseca noted that “barring any unforeseen disturbances, this is on course to be one of the largest and most successful actively planted, commercial (seagrass mitigation) projects to date.”

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. specializes in consulting services for federal, state, and private industry clients in multidisciplinary projects, integrating science and technology to evaluate environmental activities throughout the world. CSA offers a wide variety of services related to environmental management, geospatial data utilization and community planning to support clients working in marine, estuarine, wetland, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats throughout the United States and overseas.

17ImtechlogoThe acquisition of Imtech Marine by Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital has been finalized. The European Commission has approved the takeover of the leading maritime service provider. Imtech Marine will continue to operate independently and will, in the coming period, further focus on its growth ambitions.

René ten Brinke, CEO of Imtech Marine: ‘’Now that the acquisition is completed, a new era arises for Imtech Marine. The coming years, our aim will be to further strengthen our leading position in the maritime sector, with dedicated focus on our customers, employees and suppliers. With this new start comes a new company name, which we will announce on November 5th at the maritime Europort exhibition in Rotterdam.’’

Imtech Marine is a leading company in the global maritime market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative and sustainable technology solutions covering the whole ship. The company employs almost 2,500 staff, of which over 900 employees are based in The Netherlands. More than 85 offices are positioned in 30 countries along strategic shipping routes and close to shipbuilding centers.

About Pon Holdings

Pon, one of the largest Dutch family businesses, is an international trading and servicing company, with a great variety of activities. With approximately 13,000 employees spread over 450 branches, Pon is active in 32 countries. The company realized a turnover of close to 6 billion euro in 2014. For more information

About Parcom Capital

Parcom Capital is a leading mid-market private equity firm and was founded in 1982 as one of the first buy-out and expansion capital providers in the Dutch market. It manages over 1 billion euro’s in investments divided over multiple sectors, including the offshore and maritime sector. For more information

Jee Ltd, a leading independent multi-discipline subsea engineering and training firm, has secured a contract extension with BP for the provision of integrity management services and in-line inspection engineering support in the North Sea.

The contract involves project coordination, risk and corrosion management, span assessment, intelligent and operational pigging support and ad hoc engineering studies.

Jamie Burrows, Business Development Manager at Jee Ltd, said: “We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach when working with clients and aim to become a seamless extension of their team. We are delighted with the renewal of the contract with BP, as it demonstrates our robust relationship.

10Jee-OE-Jamie-Burrows1Jamie Burrows, Business Development Manager at Jee Ltd

“We are committed to providing quality engineering services in a technically advanced, secure and sustainable way. Our clients’ needs are always at the forefront of what we do, and it has become evident in the current climate that there is a strong focus on efficiency and cost reduction throughout the industry.”

Jee recently implemented a new business structure to strengthen its capabilities and champion the delivery of projects. The restructure underpins Jee’s core services including design, integrity management, pigging and late life, working to support current and future opportunities, and help ensure Jee is responding to its clients’ needs effectively and efficiently.

Mr Burrows continued: “We define the inspection interval that is required for our clients’ pipelines using a risk-based approach for cost optimisation. Our effective planning methods, combined with our in-depth experience of integrity management and in-line inspection, ensure each scope of work is examined and any potential challenges are identified and addressed early on, eliminating the need for costly changes. In addition, this ensures delays to the schedule of inspections are avoided, providing further cost savings.”

Jee has worked with BP for more than two decades on ad hoc global operations and project support in locations including Aberdeen, Grangemouth and London in the UK, and Angola, Azerbaijan, Norway and Trinidad internationally.

Jee is an independent subsea engineering and training company with offices in Aberdeen, London and Tonbridge. Jee’s multi-disciplined capabilities and integrated services include pipeline integrity management, pigging, third party verification, plugging analysis and verification, and cover the spectrum of subsea engineering for the whole of life-of-field.

17NeptunelogoNeptune is pleased to announce it has been awarded a geophysical and light geotechnical survey services contract by Shell Australia Pty Ltd (Shell).

The work will commence in November 2015 and includes a site survey of the Crux gas field and a 160km route survey between the Crux and Prelude gas fields, in water depths ranging from 90m to 280m.

Neptune will collect high resolution Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES), Side Scan Sonar (SSS) and Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP) data on-board the Mermaid Investigator Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV).

Neptune Chief Executive Officer, Robin King, said “this project is the first to be awarded to Neptune by Shell in Australia and we are delighted to be involved. Furthermore, our survey business in Australia has been awarded a number of contracts in recent months and it is pleasing to see a steady flow of work for our Geomatics team”.

7Subsea7-Rockwater2jpgSubsea 7 S.A. announces the award of a sizeable(1) contract to Subsea 7 by Pharaonic Petroleum Company S.A.E. for the development of the East Nile Delta Phase 3 Project (END-3). This award was the result of a competitive tender process.

The project scope includes installation engineering, procurement and fabrication of rigid spools, and installation of pipeline, umbilical and subsea structures to develop the resources from two wells including 8 kilometers of umbilicals and pipeline. The field development will be at depths of approximately 80 to 90 meters.

Fabrication of spools will be carried out at Petrojet's yard in Egypt. Offshore installation is scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2015 using the Subsea 7 vessels Rockwater 2 (photo)and Seven Borealis.

Gilles Lafaye, Vice President Africa, said: "Subsea 7 is pleased to once again provide services for the Taurt and Ha'py field developments. This important award recognizes our technical expertise and strong track record of good execution for Pharaonic Petroleum Company and reinforces our presence in Egypt."

(1) Subsea 7 defines a sizeable contract as being between USD 50 million and USD 150 million.

20GAC-Lailah-SoonGlobal shipping, logistics and marine services provider GAC is strengthening its strategic focus on the Asian Pacific energy sector with the appointment of Lailah Soon as Regional Business Development Manager, Oil & Gas.

Soon has more than a decade of experience in the oil & gas logistics sector in Singapore, New Zealand and Dubai. She is now drawing on that experience to drive GAC’s business offering a wide range of integrated solutions to support oil & gas operations at established and new locations for exploration and extraction throughout the region.

She is based in Singapore, and reports direct to Group Vice President – Asia Pacific, Fredrik Nystrom, who says: “Despite the prices fluctuations of recent years, the oil & gas industry remains a key component in our long-term plans.

“Lailah’s appointment to this new dedicated role demonstrates our belief in Asia’s increasingly important contribution to the world economy and the GAC Group’s long-term commitment and global focus on oil & gas. She will serve an important role in the Asia region, steering our efforts to deliver world-class support and achieve even greater engagement with the sector.”

16GMC-DeepstarGMC has received an award from DeepStar ( as part of DeepStar Phase XII-B funding. The project titled ‘Testing of High-Strength Mechanically Connected Steel Riser’ will demonstrate the strength and fatigue resistance of high-strength mechanically connected and friction welded pipe for steel catenary riser applications. Full-scale testing will be performed to Industry Standards for risers and pipelines and will include mechanical testing of friction joints, as well as full-scale fatigue testing friction joints and the connector rated for 15Ksi pressure service.

“This project award underscores the urgent requirement in the offshore oil & gas industry to develop cost effective technical solutions for developing deepwater and ultra-deepwater prospects. Completion of this testing will significantly advance the technology readiness level of GMC’s Intelligently Connected Pipe (ICP™). GMC appreciates the support of the DeepStar organization who play a key role in advancing new technologies to solve offshore challenges,” said Glen Viau, Chief Operating Officer of GMC Limited.

About DeepStar

DeepStar is an innovative, joint-industry technology development project that has established itself as upstream’s longest-running and most successful research consortium. DeepStar is committed to advancing the technologies of its members deepwater business needs in order to increase production and reserves. DeepStar consortium provides a forum to execute deepwater technology development projects and to leverage the financial and technical resources of the deepwater industry. DeepStar Phase XII commenced in January 2014 with twelve Oil Company Participants. DeepStar participants represent a strong mix of large and mid-size operators, USA and non-USA based, drawing in a rich array of diverse expertise to address common deepwater challenges.

19CGGlogoCGG announces that it has now received all necessary permits to start acquiring the industry’s first regional broadband seismic survey of the Barreirinhas Basin in the Equatorial Margin of northern Brazil in early November. The MegaBar 3D multi-client survey has received strong industry support and will benefit from the full bandwidth offered by BroadSeis™ to illuminate the untapped potential of this frontier basin.

The 14,500 km2 survey is being acquired by the Oceanic Vega deploying Sercel Sentinel® solid streamers. The high-end BroadSeis dataset will be processed in CGG's Rio de Janeiro Subsurface Imaging center using the latest processing technology. The processing will also benefit from extensive in-house experience of the Brazilian Equatorial margin and its specific challenges. Fast-track processing deliverables will be available in several phases, starting in May 2016.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO, CGG, said: “CGG has responded to significant client interest in the potential of the Barreirinhas Basin with an ambitious program for a new benchmark broadband regional survey. BroadSeis has provided significant insight to explorers in the Atlantic and Equatorial margins of Brazil, and is the natural choice for our MegaBar survey. With over 50 years of operating history in Brazil, CGG is as dedicated as ever to supporting Brazil’s exploration, development and production challenges and believes that this new regional seismic data set will offer an excellent opportunity to understand the geological potential of this new frontier.”

Aberdeen-based, Reftrade UK has seen record growth this year within the rental market for its fleet of refrigerated containers and temperature controlled units. The market leading specialist has seen rental sales increasing 33% from July 2014 to July 2015.

Based in Westhill Aberdeen, Reftrade UK is the only locally owned and operated supplier of refrigerated and temperature controlled containers which supply both the onshore and offshore energy sector with quality, bespoke Zoned and Safe Area units. The company’s Aberdeen location allows for rapid and efficient dispatch of its refrigeration containers to clients operating in the North Sea.

8ReftradeGreg-SpenceGreg Spence, Managing Director of ReftradeUK

Greg Spence, managing director of Reftrade UK said: “We are particularly pleased with the success and growth we have had in the rental market this year given the difficulties facing the oil and gas industry. I feel our team’s belief in hard work, high operational standards, striving to exceed expectations and going the extra mile is working.

“With a focus on quality and reliability, our product range has been developed to withstand the harshest environments which has been proven time and time again through servicing North Sea and Arctic insulations for over 15 years.”

To sustain future growth the company has effectively diversified into the pharmaceutical market and the transportation of temperature controlled medicines and equipment.

Mr. Spence continued; “The success we have had this year has presented new opportunities for diversification into new markets such as the pharmaceutical industry. Reftrade is already well positioned within these markets throughout Europe and we hope to do the same here in the UK. Our existing capabilities and position are a perfect fit for these markets, and it is the next step for phased growth for the company.”

4James Fisher Subsea ExcavationJames Fisher and Sons plc has announced the launch of James Fisher Subsea Excavation, the new trading name and brand of the sole dedicated MFE service provider worldwide.

The launch follows an exciting period of growth and development in James Fisher’s MFE business over the last 15 months that commenced with the combination of the assets and knowledge of KDM Marine with James Fisher’s HydroDigger fleet, as well as the assets of X-Subsea being acquired in May 2015, to deliver the current JFSE capability. JFSE is now able to deploy a significant range of MFE tooling and other assets from within the wider James Fisher group to support subsea projects globally.

“The launch of JFSE reflects our continued commitment to deliver the very best mass flow excavation services to our global client base. It also demonstrates the company’s strength in the marketplace and reassures our customers of our global reach, financial stability and position of strength for future growth” explained Kenneth Mackie, managing director of James Fisher Subsea Excavation.

James Fisher Subsea Excavation, led by a team with unrivalled experience, will support its customers from principal locations in Aberdeen, North America, Mexico, Dubai and Singapore with access to James Fisher’s facilities in more than forty countries to fully support customer operations globally.

“JFSE now has the world’s largest subsea mass flow excavation capability, meaning we can provide a comprehensive and value added service, with access to new regions and opportunities by leveraging the footprint and capabilities of the wider James Fisher Group. Our aim is to provide clarity and confidence to our customers, while developing our position in the global marketplace.” Concluded Aidan Douglas, group operations director at James Fisher and Sons plc.

12Danos-Employees1The American Heart Association has recognized Danos for its commitment to employee health and wellness. The company was named a Gold-level Fit Friendly Worksite for offering employees physical activity support, healthy eating options and promoting a wellness culture.

Danos employees benefit from a variety of health and wellness initiatives, including an on-site gym that can be accessed by employees 24/7. The gym offers treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and free weights, along with men’s and women’s locker rooms with shower facilities. The company’s new 61,000-square-foot facility also includes the Bayou Market, which offers healthy, affordable options for busy workers like soups, salads and sandwiches prepared fresh daily.

Danos also sponsors a number of local events, like half-marathons, 5K races and triathlons, and even pays the entry fee for employees who participate. Company-wide fitness challenges build teamwork and improve employee health.

“Danos is a family company, so we believe in putting our employees and their health first,” said Paul Danos, executive vice president. “We’re proud to offer a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle.”

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