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Armada Dynamic Payloads Control Software Suite to be Developed on OPENSEA in Collaboration with Greensea

Greensea Systems, creator of OPENSEA®, the universal open architecture software platform for the marine industry, entered into a contract with Ocean Infinity to provide OPENSEA as the open architecture platform that the Armada Dynamic Payloads Control (DPC) will be built upon.

During the contract, Greensea and Ocean Infinity will collaborate on creating advanced robotic control and supervision capabilities for the Armada fleet’s payloads. The DPC will provide a framework for supervising and controlling an ROV system, including the deck gear and launch and recovery systems, by operators located at any of Ocean Infinity’s remote control centers. Through the OPENSEA API and OPENSEA SDK interfaces, Greensea, Ocean Infinity, or any of its partners can easily plug into the Armada DPC to add functionality to the fleet through the open architecture interfaces provided by OPENSEA.

“Greensea is excited to collaborate with Ocean Infinity on this pioneering technology,” states Ben Kinnaman, Greensea CEO. “Their plan is the most radical shakeup to the way work has been done on and under the sea since ROVs were first developed. This type of paradigm shift can only happen when barriers are removed, and multiple companies can collaborate. That’s what an open architecture platform, like OPENSEA, does. It removes barriers and fosters collaboration so advancement can happen.”

Chelsea Allen, Program Manager on the Ocean Infinity Armada program for Greensea, says “A project of this size and complexity requires everyone involved to collaborate and work towards the same vision. Greensea has developed a work environment that supports this development relationship across many different contributors. This, combined with our OPENSEA platform and move-the-ball mindset, helps us meet the demands that this project requires; and we’re having a blast doing it!”

“The Armada project is the most exciting work of my career, and I am truly thrilled to be a part of it.” states Heath Hescock, Senior Robotics Engineer for Greensea. “We discuss the challenges daily with Ocean Infinity and their partners to adapt and evolve the tasks as needed. All my experience over the years with on-site robotic integrations has really helped guide my approach in determining what is a “neat idea” and what will actually work. Helping to design not just the software, but also what the software needs to do is not only challenging but makes every day exciting.”

Greensea will provide the engineering services supporting the integration of Armada DPC on the OPENSEA platform. Armada will be implementing Greensea’s over-the-horizon command and control suite, SafeC2, as the backbone for Dynamic Payloads Control.

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