Offshore Industry Briefs

McDermott Awarded Major EPCI Contract in Middle East

3mcdermott squarelogoMcDermott International, Inc. (NYSE:MDR) has announced a major* contract award from a Middle East customer for engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) services offshore in the Arabian Gulf.

“McDermott continues to receive considerable projects in the Middle East. This award signifies our long-standing position and strong relationships with our Middle East customers,” said Linh Austin, McDermott Vice President, Middle East and Caspian.

Work on the contract is expected to begin immediately and will be reflected in McDermott’s fourth quarter 2017 backlog.

McDermott plans to use its engineering and procurement teams in Dubai, Chennai and Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Construction is expected to take place at McDermott’s facilities in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Jebel Ali, Dubai. Vessels from McDermott’s global fleet are scheduled to perform the installation work.

* - McDermott defines a major contract as between USD $750 million and USD $1,500 million.

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DOF Subsea Awarded New Contracts

5DOFSubseaDOF Subsea has been awarded several contracts, securing utilization for several vessels in the Subsea IMR Projects segment.

In the Atlantic region, DOF Subsea has been awarded a contract within wind industry, securing utilization of Skandi Neptune for 45 days + options in Q4.

In the North America region, DOF Subsea has been awarded a contract for the provision of survey, ROV and vessel services in the Gulf of Mexico, securing 135 days of vessel utilization in two phases. The project will utilize the vessels Harvey Deep Sea and Skandi Achiever with phase one commencing in Q4 2017 and phase two commencing in Q1 2018.

Mons S. Aase, CEO, stated: "I am pleased with the contract awards and our global organization's ability to secure utilization for the Group's vessels in a challenging market."

Danos Secures West Africa Fabrication Contract

8Danos 70 logoDanos has been awarded a fabrication contract by a major oil and gas producer subsidiary operating in Equatorial Guinea. The scope of work comprises the fabrication of a 50-by-60-foot deck section and all associated piping for an upgraded compressor on the producer’s offshore platform.

The deck will be fabricated at Danos’ Amelia Integrated Services Complex, involving 45 craft personnel over 4 months.

“We’re proud to be chosen by this producer as their partner for this project,” said Mark Danos, vice president of project services for Danos. “We have a trusted partnership built on reliability, operational excellence and continuous safety, quality, delivery and cost (SQDC) improvement. Together, we have successfully executed projects from Equatorial Guinea to the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.”

Danos has been working in West Africa since 1992, providing regular maintenance and shut-in/turnaround projects for facilities and vessels in the area.

Xodus and Subcon offer Economic and Ecological Solution for Offshore Decommissioning

2Xodus Subsea layoutWhilst the reefing of retiring offshore structures makes sense to many, such projects often struggle to address the regulatory hurdles, public perception and who takes the enduring liability for the asset. The Integrated Rigs to ReefsTM (IR2RTM) solution resolves the many challenges owners face by augmenting and integrating the retiring assets into purpose built reefs.

Xodus Group is pleased to announce their new collaboration with stabilisation and artificial reef specialist Subcon International which will deliver IR2RTM decommissioning solutions globally. This partnership combines Xodus’ decommissioning capabilities with Subcon’s extensive track record in the design and construction of purpose-built marine habitats.

Enrico Salardi, Xodus Group’s Director of Decommissioning said: “IR2RTM is a decommissioning solution which provides many benefits to oil and gas operators, governments, local industries, communities and ultimately to the environment. The IR2RTM solution delivers material cost savings to operators whilst enabling them to turn a legacy asset into a positive legacy for the environment.

“Importantly, this industry-first offering provides a clear pathway for the transfer of ownership to state agencies.”

While the rigs to reef solution has a proven track record for generating decommissioning cost savings and for creating effective habitat, the question of who has enduring liability for the structure remains open. The IR2R model employs methods of relocation, augmentation and integration to completely reinvent the retired structures as productive, purpose built artificial reefs. Ownership and liability for the new asset is then able to be transferred to appropriate government agencies.

Subcon International CEO, Matthew Allen added: “Our collaboration with Xodus enables more operators to benefit from our innovative IR2RTM model. The creation of new, purpose built habitat through the integration and augmentation of retiring marine structures, means degraded habitats can be restored and new habitats established. It reduces costs for the operator, reduces waste onshore, and establishes a more vibrant and productive marine environment for future users. It is a true win-win for all stakeholders”.


Chrysaor Awards Three-Year Contract for Central North Sea Assets to Sparrows Group

10Sparrows crane operators offloading cargo from a supply vesselChrysaor has awarded Sparrows Group a three-year crane management services contract for the three operating assets it took ownership of from Shell in November.

The operator became the largest independent E&P company in the region following the US $3 billion deal with Shell earlier this year to acquire the platforms as part of a larger asset package.

The scope of work will see Sparrows operate and maintain seven cranes across the Armada, Everest and Lomond gas platforms located 233 to 250 km east of Aberdeen in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

The campaign will be a continuation of the work Sparrows has carried out over the past decade for BG and subsequently Shell on the three installations. This includes the delivery of offshore crane operations and maintenance, including the supply of rigging lofts and inspection services, as well as overseeing the onshore management of all crane maintenance strategies and related engineering scopes.

Sparrows chief executive officer, Stewart Mitchell, commented: “We have a long and accomplished history working on these assets, having supported Shell and BG for a number of years. This award is testament to our team’s reputation for delivering results and our safe working practices.

“With our unrivalled knowledge of the existing platform cranes on the Armada, Everest and Lomond platforms, we look forward to supporting Chrysaor on these important Central North Sea developments and delivering all their crane maintenance requirements.”

Chrysaor currently has more than 400 staff working in the UKCS.

Fugro Applies Market-Leading Seeps Expertise to Canada’s Growing Offshore Industry

Fugro has teamed up with Amplified Geochemical Imaging (AGI) to acquire offshore hydrocarbon seep data in advance of Canada’s 2018 east coast bid round. Bathymetry, backscatter and water column anomaly data will be collected to pull together a comprehensive picture of surficial geological features.

These data will be used to identify and precisely target the best locations for geochemical sampling, enabling clients to improve and de-risk their exploration programmes. The information may also be used in a variety of further investigations such as establishing environmental baselines, evaluating seafloor geohazards and preliminary planning for field development.

8Fugro Discovery 640x427Fugro Discovery

The seafloor mapping will be performed by Fugro using its geophysical vessel, Fugro Discovery, and includes acquisition of 10,500 square kilometres of multibeam echo sounder data and sub-bottom profiler data. This will be followed by coring up to 150 geochemical targets and 20 heat flow measurements, complete with shipboard geochemical screening testing, further shore-based geochemical analyses (carried out by AGI) and an integrated, interpreted data package. AGI’s geochemical analyses will determine the hydrocarbon signature of the samples.

“We are excited to be part of Canada’s growing offshore industry and Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2018 licensing round,” said Keith Kneale, Fugro’s Business Development Manager for the Americas. “Investment by Nalcor Energy is supporting this project which will showcase Fugro’s market-leading expertise – earned from conducting dozens of similar surveys including the world’s four largest to date – enabling clients to improve and de-risk their exploration programmes.” He explained how AGI has been involved in offshore microseepage and macroseepage programmes for over 20 years adding, “Together with AGI, Fugro brings a wealth of top tier technical expertise to this project.”

The comprehensive data package will be available in early 2018 and is being licensed from both Fugro and AGI.

Bluestream Successfully Inspects Several HVDC Platforms

What do the offshore HVDC platforms DolWin alpha, BorWin alpha and DolWin beta in the German section of the North Sea have in common? The only right answer would be: all three power conversion platforms were fully inspected by Den Helder-based Bluestream, one of the leading providers of innovative inspection services for the offshore oil, gas and wind industry.

10bluestreamBluestream has the ability to deliver multidisciplinary services such as divers, ROVs, multi skilled rope access teams as well as ultramodern drones.

Bluestream’s ability to deliver multidisciplinary services was key in the awarding of these orders as divers, ROVs, multi skilled rope access teams as well as ultramodern drones were used for carrying out all three inspections. “One of the reasons why Bluestream was tasked with carrying out this extensive inspection work, was the technical efficiency with which we approached each project,” explains Commercial Manager Anton Janssens.

The first asset to be inspected was the DolWin alpha, the largest offshore conversion platform for windfarm energy in the German section of the North Sea. The platform was installed on a jacket consisting of six legs, and comprises five decks that rise 80 metres above the water surface. Project engineer Michael van Putten says: “All accessible areas in the platform were inspected by camera, and for the inspection of the outside and underside of the platform, we deployed a rope access team. As well as checking the overall condition of the platform, the central focus of the inspection was on the coating.”

CP Drop Cell

The jacket on which the DolWin alpha is mounted also had to be inspected. The inspection not only covered the section of the jacket protruding above the water, but also the six legs below water level. As an alternative for an ROV scope, Bluestream deployed the Cathodic Protection (CP) Drop Cell method for this particular activity. Van Putten continues: “Members of our rope access team climbed down the platform, and lowered the drop cells along the legs to the inspection locations, so the anodes could be measured. A clump weight was used to keep the rope in a straight line.”


In close consultation with the client, Bluestream also developed a reporting model for assessing any damage identified. Every item of damage, however small, can be derived from the report data and prioritised according to degree of seriousness. In this way, the client is able to work towards an effective planning model. A special software package was developed in house for user-friendly and rapid information processing. In this way, the client is able to work towards an effective planning model. Commercial Manager Anton Janssens adds: “In principle Bluestream carries out a baseline inspection. As such we operate as the eyes and ears of our client. We observe and analyse the situation in accordance with a regulated ISO standard. We pass on our findings to the client, who at the end of the day retains overall final responsibility.”

After successful completion of this first inspection Bluestream was awarded an order to inspect all accessible areas on the HVDC platform BorWin alpha as well. The total height of the BorWin Alpha is 84 metres, of which 62 metres consists of the support jacket. Unlike the DolWin alpha project, this inspection was carried out following a painting programme, leading to a shorter inspection period. The CP Drop Cell method was again used for this project. The extra challenge on this occasion lay in the fact that the legs of this platform were at an angle, as compared with the legs of the DolWin alpha, which run straight up and down. Nonetheless, the Bluestream team found a smart solution to this problem.

In mid-2017, Bluestream received a further order to inspect the DolWin beta. This submersible floating platform is moored just 30 metres from the DolWin alpha. The concept behind this platform is different from that of the previous two platforms, which are mounted on separately installed jackets. The six legs of the DolWin beta are in fact an integral part of the platform itself. Bluestream was asked to carry out a general visual inspection using a drone operated by business partner Skeye, based in Alphen aan den Rijn. In just three days, pilots from Skeye inspected the outside sheeting, the legs and the underside of the deck of the DolWin beta platform using a drone. A small part of the inspection work still had to be carried out by one of Bluestream’s rope access teams. After all, there are always certain areas that require a close visual inspection. Drones are a complementary tool, and will never be able to completely replace rope access.

The awarding of a fourth order is evidence that Bluestream has stood out with the use of innovative inspection services over the past year. In September of this year, Bluestream will be returning to the BorWin alpha for an extensive inspection of all components of the platform, both above the water and subsea. This time the work will not be carried out by drone but by rope access, backed up by ROVs. None of this represents a problem to Bluestream, since the company can offer all these services in house.

Sparrows Group strengthens Middle East Operations with Dubai Petroleum Contract Awards

11SparrowGÇÖs ECR20 crane on rental in the Middle EastSparrows Group has strengthened its operations in the Middle East, securing two crane contracts with Dubai Petroleum, one for maintenance services and the other for the delivery of rental cranes.

The first contract, for five-year’s crane maintenance services, covers 76 cranes across all of Dubai Petroleum’s offshore fields.

Sparrows will provide maintenance and engineering support for all cranes and associated systems and deliver a maintenance strategy, with technical personnel working on-site including a dedicated crane operator instructor.

The contract has been re-awarded to Sparrows after they previously held it for 14 years until earlier this year.

The second contract, a new three-year agreement, is for the provision of rental cranes to support Dubai Petroleum’s well intervention activities. Sparrows will deliver modular temporary cranes and all associated equipment, including skidding systems.

As part of the scope, the company’s specialist engineering personnel will support the commissioning, operations and decommissioning of the cranes. This includes the delivery of installation plans and post set up structural assessments, as well as preventive maintenance programs to maximize reliability and ensure safety.

The cranes will be supplied with a variety of boom sections which will allow them to be easily modified to suit different lifting requirements across Dubai Petroleum’s offshore operations.

Stewart Mitchell, Sparrows chief executive officer, said: “Sparrows has a successful history with Dubai Petroleum, having worked with the operator for a number of years.

CGG Awarded Contract for Airborne Multi-Client Survey of Onshore and Offshore Licenses in Côte d’Ivoire

CGG has been awarded a contract by Côte d’Ivoire’s Direction Générale des Hydrocarbures (DGH) and PETROCI, the national oil company, to acquire with its local partner, Harvex Geosolutions, a multi-client program of gravity, gravity gradiometry and magnetic data over the Republic’s onshore and shallow offshore basins.

The scheduled five-month program will deploy CGG’s new Falcon® Full Spectrum gravity solution, the industry’s most sensitive airborne gravity platform, to acquire approximately 28,000 line km of data over onshore and shallow offshore licenses, subject to industry pre-funding commitments. The contract includes an option to acquire a further 26,000 line km over the deepwater offshore licenses.

The Falcon Full Spectrum data will be interpreted with existing exploration data to provide details about the basin structure, the sediment thickness and the basement nature in order to help identify areas of mature source rock, reservoir deposition and prospective structures. With some acreage already licenced, this will allow current and future licence holders to better assess their blocks and de-risk future exploration expenditure.

12CGG Ivory Coast Proposed Survey Outlines Index Image 72Map showing locations of the proposed phases of the airborne multi-client program. (This map is not an authority on international boundaries).

The Falcon Full Spectrum solution from CGG Multi-Physics deploys its exclusive Falcon gravity gradiometer with its newly released sGrav gravity system to obtain a high-accuracy gravity signal over a broad bandwidth, significantly improving imaging at depth and increasing spatial resolution for near-surface geology. The system also concurrently collects magnetic data for identifying any igneous intrusions into the sedimentary section and providing further basement imaging.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO, CGG, said: “This program represents an important step for Cote d’Ivoire to open up further plays in both its onshore and offshore basins. CGG is pleased to work with DGH and PETROCI, through our partnership with Harvex Geosolutions, to help fast-track exploration programs in Côte d’Ivoire. Our Falcon Full Spectrum technology will provide valuable insight into basin structure and help focus future seismic acquisition and drilling programs over priority areas, reducing the cost of future exploration efforts.”

Fugro Secures New Contract for Marine Site Investigation in Mexico

5Fugro Explorer for Pemex rel comprFugro, in conjunction with long-time associates, Constructora Subacuática Diavaz, S.A. de C.V., has been awarded a large survey contract by Mexico's national oil company, Pemex. Valued at approximately USD 10 million, the contract covers work between August and December 2017.

Offshore operations, including multi-site high resolution geophysical and geotechnical surveys together with laboratory testing and geoconsulting services, will support design and/or installation of platforms, pipelines, jack-up platforms and deepwater facilities.